Friday, August 12, 2005

Voting Rights Act March - Part 4

Why yes folks, this debacle continues...

Harry Belafonte can't seem to watch his words:

In the Jerusalem Post interview, Belafonte stuck by his comparison of the Bush administration to Nazi Germany, calling the analogy "not inappropriate" because of the U.S. policy of "detaining suspects without charges [and] creating an atmosphere of fear."These actions, Belafonte said, are "very much similar to the things that were done when Hitler was on the rise."

Belafonte then went on to explain why he believes Jewish groups would defend President Bush. "I can understand why Jewish leaders would be prone to protect the image of George Bush and his administration," Belafonte told the Post, noting that the president supports Israel "even when there are questions of the humanitarian, the moral and the political [motivation] of things that are done to Palestinians."

Mr. Belafonte, what do you call Palestinians, who strap bombs to their bodies, and detonate them in busy shopping areas that kill men, women, and children? I call them terrorists. I call them cowards. I call them murderers! But I guess you believe they (terrorists) are doing the right thing. I can't recall the last time I heard of an Israeli Jew commit such a heinous act.

Mr. Belafonte, if you want to defend a group, defend the Palestinian and Israeli Christians who are caught in the middle. They pray every day for an end to the terrorism and retaliation. Many Palestinian Christians are in hiding from the terrorist groups (Hamas and Hezbollah), simply because they're Christian. This, my friend, is true fear. This is persecution.

"Let's not be dishonest about all of us. The more we know the truth, the better we'll be [at] improving humanity," he said.

Mr. Belafonte, let's try this...the more we live our lives through Jesus Christ, the better we'll be at improving humanity.


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