Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Move America Forward

Dueling Protests: 'You don't speak for me, Cindy'
CNS News

We're always gonna have protestors no matter what the United States does regarding the war on terrorism. Could President Bush meet with Cindy Sheehan? Yes, but not on her terms. She wants cameras rolling, while holding Michael Moore's hand, with President Bush begging for forgiveness.

Cindy, this just isn't going to happen your way.

Do we need a group like, Move America Forward, to tell the public that Americans should support our troops and the war on terror? Don't Americans have enough common sense to support our troops? Does anyone remember the fallout from Vietnam?

The year was 1974. The United States is pullling out of Vietnam. There's been a huge public outcry against the conflict. What happens next is appalling. Soldiers, slowly arriving in U. S. airports, are booed and shunned by Americans. The public has judged these tireless soldiers as "baby killers". To add insult to injury, the "draft dodgers" are seen as the real heroes for their stance against the conflict.

Why do we need, Move America Forward, and similar groups? Yes, to keep a vigilant support for our troops and the war against radical terrorists. These soldiers need our appreciation and positive affirmation. And when these soldiers do come home, they need all the love and support from us that we can give. As a proud supporter of the United States and our military, I refuse to let what happened in 1974 & '75 happen again.

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SchrecklichWichtigerPirat said...

Hey Mark,

I agree with you that it is inappropriate and insulting to direct one's anger about the government's decisions at the troops that have to follow through with them.
However, it seems to be a common misunderstanding with many people that someone who opposes the war (e.g. government decision) was stabbing the troops in the back by voicing his opinion. A total pervasion of the actual context in my view.

Furthermore, one detail about the public outcry following Vietnam was the outspoken cruelty and inhumane manner (rape of villagers) in which combat operations were reported to have been conducted. It sure would be wrong to project these incidents on all forces, but nevertheless it is the particular soldiers themselves who are to be held responsible for it, unlike decisions of foreign policy.