Thursday, February 22, 2007

Freedom of Speech

On many occasions, I believe we take freedom of speech for granted. Yet, here is a FoxNews article on what happens, in Egypt, when one doesn't have that same freedom.

He [Abdel Kareem Nabil] was a vocal critic of conservative Muslims and in other posts described Mubarak's regime as a "symbol of dictatorship."

Now Nabil will be going away to prison for 4 years.

We moan and holler about the price of freedom, when in reality we could all be facing prison time if our country wasn't a Republic Democracy. Men and women fought for our freedoms today and the threat to freedom tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dinosaurs and Noah's Ark

If you read this article from CNN, you have to look at it from a humorous point of view. Ignore the ACLU for just a moment [it shouldn't be hard to do], and focus on what the student says:

"LaClair says Paszkiewicz told students evolution is less fact-based than the Bible, there were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark, the Big Bang theory of creation is unscientific, and that the Bible has been proven to be literally true."

Either Paszkiewicz [the teacher] doesn't know the Bible well and/or LaClair is exaggerating what was said.

Dinosaurs aboard Noah's Ark... That would be the equivalent of releasing a bunch of Baptists on a buffet lunch after Sunday's service. Ouch!

Friday, February 02, 2007

A Happy Anniversary

I'm a little late in this posting, but I have some wonderful news to pass on.

This past December [the week prior to Christmas], I celebrated having insulin dependent diabetes for 30 years. 30 years! What do I have to show for it? Nothing. That's right, nothing. No bodily damage due to reckless behavior. Am I lucky? No.

I am blessed. Luck has nothing to do with my disease, nor my life. God does.

Want better news? I just got my 3-month A1c result from my doctor. Now please realize that I have been off my insulin pump since June '06. In addition, my sister introduced me to Lantus. In July '06, my A1c was at 6.7. Not too shabby. So what is it now?


Let the applause begin.

I honestly didn't believe I could get better control on shots with a long acting insulin. I thought I was going to get in big trouble. I prepared myself to go back on the pump if necessary. So what does all this mean?

That if you take the time to keep your diabetes under control, it won't rule you; it won't destroy you. Believe me, after 30 years, I've been there and understand the challenges. Life is too valuable for me to allow diabetes to take it.

Keep fighting the good fight.