Friday, August 29, 2008

Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Sarah Palin, has just entered the Presidential race! Kudos to Senator John McCain.

Things could get really interesting...

Obama's Speech

A little excerpt from Barack Obama's speech last night:

"We may not agree on abortion, but surely we can agree on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country. The reality of gun ownership may be different for hunters in rural Ohio than for those plagued by gang-violence in Cleveland, but don’t tell me we can’t uphold the Second Amendment while keeping AK-47s out of the hands of criminals. I know there are differences on same-sex marriage, but surely we can agree that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters deserve to visit the person they love in the hospital and to live lives free of discrimination."

Aside from the jabs thrown at President Bush and Senator McCain [some justified in my opinion], Obama's speech contained familiar pieces from past Dems such as former Presidents Carter and Clinton. He spoke to the hearts of blue-collar and blue-turned-white collar workers out there. His ideas are strong and well received. There is a lot of work to be done.

Now here's where the rubber meets the road.

Obama got a few things right last night: our leaders in Washington are stale, the war in Iraq has gone on way too long, and we are losing jobs overseas. But he also got a few things wrong. The many new programs he mentioned would require taxpayer dollars. I don't know about you, but after paying for a war, I'm skeptical that neither he nor McCain could move Congress to do something worthy.

Besides, those of us who are old enough to remember the oil problems of the late 70's and early 80's, how can I believe that our Congress will initiate programs to move beyond oil? Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame. I'm tired of rich politicians thinking they know what is best for me and my family, while they cruise around the country in their personal planes.

If Americans are ready for "Change", and many of you say you are, then vote in November. Get rid of ALL [Democrats and Republicans] members of Congress that are old and stale, and vote in new folks who are ready to make a difference.

Friday, August 08, 2008

CNN: SWAT Team Mishap

From CNN: Mayor wants federal probe after SWAT raids house, kills dogs

While he was being held, Calvo said, he told police he is the town's mayor, but they didn't believe him.

Berwyn Heights has its own police force, he said, but Prince George's County police did not notify the municipal authorities of their interest in his home or the package.

"They didn't know my name. All they knew was my wife's name. They matched that to the registration of the car," Calvo said. "It was that lack of communication that really led to what has really been the most traumatic experience of our lives."


One of these days an innocent child--or children--will be injured or killed, due to one of these warrants, because of the lack of intelligence gathering and communication. It only has to happen one time and the courts will take away this type of warrant.

I personally own a pure bred black lab and they are not a threatening dog. Pit bulls, yes. Labradors? No. Sorry folks, the Prince George's County SWAT team is at fault here.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Shack, Brennan Manning, and Me

Amidst a spiritual crisis in my life, my wife asked me to read William P. Young's book, "The Shack". At the same time, I was blessed to attend a conference led by Brennan Manning, author of such books as, "The Ragamuffin Gospel" and "Ruthless Trust".

To make a long story short, two years ago I believed God wanted me to become a youth pastor. I prayed. I researched. I spoke with family and friends. The journey was going my way. The lights were green. I knew God wanted me to...

But the path became more and more cloudy; cluttered with "what ifs" and "how tos". I stumbled and while feeling alone and abandoned, I resorted back to the same 'ol life. No one had an answer. I prayed. And with each prayer came silence. Soon, I gave up. Did God even care anymore? Why did His signs stop? Why did the path to ministry suddenly come to a halt?

Needless to say, church became mundane. The preaching, from different pastors, was dry. I tried reading the Bible, but I was disheartened. My prayers became stale.

Fast forward...
"The Shack" tells the fictional story of Mack, a person who suffers great loss and finds redemption through meeting the Trinity: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The story examines God's love through the pain and how He is always present. Eventually, Mack comes to terms with his loss, restores his faith in God, and comes to fully love his family.

Young does a good job portraying God as a loving, sovereign being who understands our pain, loss, and love. Young paints Jesus as God in the flesh and King, while he characterizes the Holy Spirit as a part of the triune God [a little difficult to explain, but worth the read].

Yes, there are parts of the book I didn't quite grasp. For instance, the book doesn't spend time on God's justice [Heaven vs. Hell] or Satan. Instead, it focusses more on love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. However, I wasn't disappointed that Young chose the aforementioned. I could definitely relate to Young's character, Mack: The feeling of loss, being alone, and disappointed with God.

Combined with Manning's message [a loving God] and Young's book, I finally broke down and spoke to God with a heart filled with grief and longing. I felt like the prodigal who went on his own way only to realize that I need God now more than ever.

As Young mentioned is his book, Mack is restored, but his life isn't perfect and he still has his down moments. Brennan says we are to love like Jesus, not as we should be, cause we will never be as we should be. He [Brennan] believes when we die, we will be asked by Christ one question, "Did you know that I truly loved you?"

I've stopped running after something I am not: A perfect role model for all to see and hear. God knows that and He still loves me.

Here are links to Brennan Manning's website and The Shack.

Peace be with you...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Items to Ponder

I mentioned some time ago that I was done with politics. The political machine, here in the United States, has become filled with folks who don't hold true to their party nor beliefs. So, I'll be brief:

What has happened to the Republican party? They're spending tax dollars without regard, losing their character [not practicing what they preach], and forget that people are paying over $4 a gallon of gas and milk. Heck, bread is almost $3!

But let's not forget our friends, the Democrats. They are eating their own like a black widow. They can't grasp national security, want to increase taxes, and they too forget that we are getting raked at the grocery store.

Here are a couple of items of concern:
1. Remember the oil embargo? Remember the long lines at the gas stations? Thirty years have passed and we've done very little regarding fuel alternatives. Does it make you wonder?

2. The Iraq war has cost this country in both dollars and common sense. I support our troops, but Congress is not giving the military the support they need to carry onward. We have concerns in Africa that are just as important, if not more than Iraq. Women and children are being slaughtered every day due to the violence there. What are we waiting for?

3. Obama vs. McCain. This country is in need of a huge overhaul not only at the top, but in other areas such as our federal agencies and Congress. We need people who will step up and do what is right, not for personal gain or glory, but the country as a whole. What does this mean for McCain and Obama? Both need to be firm in their beliefs and stand up for what is right. Change is good IF it is for the right reasons and not to appease a particular political party or special interest group.

May God help us...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Little World

Yes, it's been awhile...
So here are a few ramblings:

1. Go Georgia Bulldogs! - 'nuff said.
2. The Shack - A really, really good book that I wish the theologians would just leave alone. As a work a fiction, it is just that - fiction. More on this later.
3. The new house - Still unpacking boxes... Did we really own this much stuff?
4. Church - Good news for those who have been praying over us, we are now joining Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.
5. My youngest son - has accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Yea!!!

Summer is going very, very well.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prayer for Chapman Family

Very sad news yesterday: Daughter of Christian music star killed by car

Please keep the Chapman family in your prayers and may God grant them peace.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On Moving a Family

"The family that moves together, stays together." Or something like that.

We survived our second move in seven months. Our new home (new to us) is truly a blessing. We managed to live in a 3-bedroom apartment, for a little over six months, and the experience has made us realize that we don't need a whole lot of room to live in. Our needs and wants certainly have changed for the better.

We made it through a lot of stress and multiple illnesses, but we are so much stronger now. If God weren't in our lives, we would be in far worse shape.

Now the hard part... We need to find a church. One that is not too big, or too small; one that is just right. Most important: One that we can worship God in and put Him first. We were attending Johnson Ferry Baptist for a while, but it's way too big.

So, any help finding a church would be deeply appreciated. We are open to community-style churches with family ministries. We are located in the north part of Marietta, Georgia. Feel free to send me an email at:

Peace be with you...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On Faith and Disease

Sad story from FoxNews. An 11-year old girl, with insulin dependent Diabetes, dies from apparent ketoacidosis because her parents believed the disease could be cured through prayer.

Being a "type 1" diabetic [of over 31 years] and a follower of Christ, I do not doubt that God can cure people of diseases. However, as much as I have witnessed miracle cures of Cancer and the like, I have yet seen a miraculous cure for insulin-dependent Diabetes. just doesn't happen.

Again, I am not doubting God's power. He does His will, not mine. Is it His will for me to be diabetic? No. Is it His will for me to properly take care of myself - my disease -, love with all my being, and live a life to glorify Him? Yes.

So where did these parents go wrong? Why did they fail to care for their daughter? Why couldn't they have taught her to use the disease as something positive - to help others - instead of something God needed to rid?

Only they truly know.

I have faith that God loves me for being His creation. Yes, I have a disease, but it doesn't control my life; I control it. I have done wonderful, great things even with a disease. I live for my Heavenly Father, my wife and children. I live for today.

Live for someone greater than all of us, love yourself, and love others.

Oh, and all you diabetics out there...take good care of yourselves.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tourney Time!

It's the most wonderful time...of the year!

I follow college athletics throughout the year, especially my beloved Wisconsin Badgers. I have watched almost every men's basketball game and cheered them through the Big Ten tournament. Arguably, they have the best defense in the nation.

Now it's crunch time. Win or go home. Do or die. Eat or be eaten.

Pick a catch-phrase, it all means the same: There is no room for loosers. You either play with the heart and soul of a warrior or flop. I will be pulling for the Badgers to go all the way. Why not? It's tourney time! Anything can happen.

Side Note: How crazy was that for the University of Georgia to win the SEC championship?
Yes, anything can happen...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Warrick Dunn Released From Falcons

One of the few reasons I watch the Atlanta Falcons play is Warrick Dunn. He brought excitement to the game, he never gave up, and managed to keep a positive attitude even when the Falcons weren't doing so well. Cue violin...

Today, the Atlanta Falcons announced that they released Dunn in light of their new running back, Michael Turner. I could rant and rave at such a poor move by the Falcons, but hey, they know what's best, right?

Dunn's work will probably be remembered more off the field than on. His charity, Warrick Dunn Foundation, has provided single-parent households with the opportunity of home ownership. Please visit the site.

I know there are other sports figures who are heavily involved with their communities and charities alike, but Warrick stands above. His character on and off the field exude the qualities we should all strive towards.

Warrick, we will miss you...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So You Had a Bad Day

I'm sure you've all experienced being "chewed" out by a co-worker. Namely, a chunk of your posterior was forcefully removed and now you're wondering how to get it back. Being of sound mind and flabby body, I have learned to allow folks to vent their frustration(s) [to a point], listen with concern, and provide them with some sort of help. Not always an easy task, especially with me who likes to fire back with the ferociousness of a rabid badger.

Why stay frustrated when you really aren't in control...

So, in light of all of us who have had a recent "enlightenment", here's Daniel Powter's song:

Friday, February 01, 2008

What's Now...

I've been busy... No, make that very busy! My wife and I are looking for a new house. We've been living in an apartment for the last 4 months, and now we are ready for a house. As many of you know, looking for a house in this market is time consuming. There are lots of choices.

So please forgive my lack of writing. It's been difficult on me as well. Here are a couple of tidbits to keep up:

Misawa's a free man...sort of
Bryan Allain, at Burnside Writers, is/was excited that Lost was back on air [personally, I've never watched the show, but Misawa says it's excellent]
As always, Tim's site is a great read

Lastly, a little Muppet entertainment for ya!

Monday, January 14, 2008

True Love

I'm not much for people watching. I don't like to be watched myself, so why would I stare at others. But the other night, while out to dinner with my family as we celebrated our son's 11th birthday , this married couple--sitting next to us--caught my attention.

Both of them were probably in their late 50's, maybe early 60's. A husband gazing longingly at his wife, occasionally smiling as they ate. She concentrated on her food and occasionally returned the smile. His eyes never left her.

Some time before, she had a stroke. The physical damage was evident: slow to speak and react. However, through the trauma, her spirit was still alive. To her husband, she was--is--still his beautiful wife, to love and cherish until the very end.

When the resturant sang happy birthday to our son, we found out that her birthday was on the same day, too. She congratulated our son, laughed and, for a brief moment, was young again.

As the couple got up to leave, they smiled at us and said their goodbyes. He held her hand and led her toward the door...hand-in-hand like the day he walked with her at the altar.