Monday, March 03, 2008

Warrick Dunn Released From Falcons

One of the few reasons I watch the Atlanta Falcons play is Warrick Dunn. He brought excitement to the game, he never gave up, and managed to keep a positive attitude even when the Falcons weren't doing so well. Cue violin...

Today, the Atlanta Falcons announced that they released Dunn in light of their new running back, Michael Turner. I could rant and rave at such a poor move by the Falcons, but hey, they know what's best, right?

Dunn's work will probably be remembered more off the field than on. His charity, Warrick Dunn Foundation, has provided single-parent households with the opportunity of home ownership. Please visit the site.

I know there are other sports figures who are heavily involved with their communities and charities alike, but Warrick stands above. His character on and off the field exude the qualities we should all strive towards.

Warrick, we will miss you...

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