Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On Faith and Disease

Sad story from FoxNews. An 11-year old girl, with insulin dependent Diabetes, dies from apparent ketoacidosis because her parents believed the disease could be cured through prayer.

Being a "type 1" diabetic [of over 31 years] and a follower of Christ, I do not doubt that God can cure people of diseases. However, as much as I have witnessed miracle cures of Cancer and the like, I have yet seen a miraculous cure for insulin-dependent Diabetes. just doesn't happen.

Again, I am not doubting God's power. He does His will, not mine. Is it His will for me to be diabetic? No. Is it His will for me to properly take care of myself - my disease -, love with all my being, and live a life to glorify Him? Yes.

So where did these parents go wrong? Why did they fail to care for their daughter? Why couldn't they have taught her to use the disease as something positive - to help others - instead of something God needed to rid?

Only they truly know.

I have faith that God loves me for being His creation. Yes, I have a disease, but it doesn't control my life; I control it. I have done wonderful, great things even with a disease. I live for my Heavenly Father, my wife and children. I live for today.

Live for someone greater than all of us, love yourself, and love others.

Oh, and all you diabetics out there...take good care of yourselves.

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