Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On Moving a Family

"The family that moves together, stays together." Or something like that.

We survived our second move in seven months. Our new home (new to us) is truly a blessing. We managed to live in a 3-bedroom apartment, for a little over six months, and the experience has made us realize that we don't need a whole lot of room to live in. Our needs and wants certainly have changed for the better.

We made it through a lot of stress and multiple illnesses, but we are so much stronger now. If God weren't in our lives, we would be in far worse shape.

Now the hard part... We need to find a church. One that is not too big, or too small; one that is just right. Most important: One that we can worship God in and put Him first. We were attending Johnson Ferry Baptist for a while, but it's way too big.

So, any help finding a church would be deeply appreciated. We are open to community-style churches with family ministries. We are located in the north part of Marietta, Georgia. Feel free to send me an email at:

Peace be with you...

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