Monday, July 07, 2008

Items to Ponder

I mentioned some time ago that I was done with politics. The political machine, here in the United States, has become filled with folks who don't hold true to their party nor beliefs. So, I'll be brief:

What has happened to the Republican party? They're spending tax dollars without regard, losing their character [not practicing what they preach], and forget that people are paying over $4 a gallon of gas and milk. Heck, bread is almost $3!

But let's not forget our friends, the Democrats. They are eating their own like a black widow. They can't grasp national security, want to increase taxes, and they too forget that we are getting raked at the grocery store.

Here are a couple of items of concern:
1. Remember the oil embargo? Remember the long lines at the gas stations? Thirty years have passed and we've done very little regarding fuel alternatives. Does it make you wonder?

2. The Iraq war has cost this country in both dollars and common sense. I support our troops, but Congress is not giving the military the support they need to carry onward. We have concerns in Africa that are just as important, if not more than Iraq. Women and children are being slaughtered every day due to the violence there. What are we waiting for?

3. Obama vs. McCain. This country is in need of a huge overhaul not only at the top, but in other areas such as our federal agencies and Congress. We need people who will step up and do what is right, not for personal gain or glory, but the country as a whole. What does this mean for McCain and Obama? Both need to be firm in their beliefs and stand up for what is right. Change is good IF it is for the right reasons and not to appease a particular political party or special interest group.

May God help us...

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