Friday, August 08, 2008

CNN: SWAT Team Mishap

From CNN: Mayor wants federal probe after SWAT raids house, kills dogs

While he was being held, Calvo said, he told police he is the town's mayor, but they didn't believe him.

Berwyn Heights has its own police force, he said, but Prince George's County police did not notify the municipal authorities of their interest in his home or the package.

"They didn't know my name. All they knew was my wife's name. They matched that to the registration of the car," Calvo said. "It was that lack of communication that really led to what has really been the most traumatic experience of our lives."


One of these days an innocent child--or children--will be injured or killed, due to one of these warrants, because of the lack of intelligence gathering and communication. It only has to happen one time and the courts will take away this type of warrant.

I personally own a pure bred black lab and they are not a threatening dog. Pit bulls, yes. Labradors? No. Sorry folks, the Prince George's County SWAT team is at fault here.

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Malaika said...

this happens everyday across america and you are more than slow on the uptake. many people have died because of these "invasions". Most notable, a 90 odd year old woman in atlanta a few years back. Notable I say because there was no way popular opinion could make her guilty as they are wont to do. as a result, i find it very hard to give a damn about his two dogs. this should have been stopped long has only been given negative press now that it is affecting white affluent people. america needs to get over itself.