Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Time of Prayer & Service

It's safe to say that hurricane Katrina devastated parts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. News photos tell only parts of the destruction to lives and property.

It's times, like these, we as Christians are called into action: prayer and service. My wife and I nearly wept as we watched the news videos of people who lost everything. Everything.

A man lost his wife to the flood waters.

A family lost their home and belongings.

Families are without food and clean water with no where to go.

These people are OUR people. They need our help. Some simple things to do in addition to prayer:
1. Clean out your closets and donate that clothing to your nearest Red Cross, Salvation Army, or Goodwill centers.
2. Donate canned goods and water.
3. Financially support the aforementioned organizations along with church organizations, i.e. the Southern Baptist Convention- Disaster Relief or the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Most of all, please keep all of these families in your prayers as God provides for them in all their needs.


Misawa said...

While I agree that the devastation is beyond even what I had imagined, I can't bring myself to say that they lost everything.

The man still has his health and hopefully other family and friends.

The family still has each other.

And most importantly, they all have God, even the unbelievers, uninformed, and ignorant.

I'm not trying to argue semantics, nor am I trying to paint a picture of looking at all things with rose-colored glasses. I'm also not trying to belittle the situation - the destruction is real, the pain will hurt, and the suffering will continue for some time.

A year or so ago in Georgia, a terrible storm came thru and destroyed a man's home and family - wife, daughter, and father. He was a deeply religious man, and when released from the hospital made a statement that was read by a family friend. Paraphrasing, "I have lost my greatest friends in the world; the home we built and lived in is gone; the things that made it a home destroyed; but, I have not lost my faith; I have the greatest God in the world that doesn't fail."

Mark said...

Misawa,I agree with you.
Our faith can never be taken from us. And, yes, God does not fail.