Friday, August 05, 2005

The Fools of Sandy Springs

As reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution yesterday, August 4th, the residents of a neighboring Ronald McDonald House were adamantly against the House's proposed expansion plans. The House wanted to expand from 11 beds to 50, but ended up with only 20 more. Last year, the House turned away 281 families due to their small size.

But here's the kicker...

"What kind of person would stand here opposing the Ronald McDonald House?" said expansion opponent Trisha Thompson as she addressed Fulton commissioners Wednesday. "I think a person who cares more about these [neighborhood] families and their problems than the Ronald McDonald Foundation does."

Ms. Thompson, you definitely need a lesson in humility. Here is the real issue: You, and the other ignorant fools in your crusade, don't give a darn about the lives of these critically ill children. And don't tell me you do. These are families who desperately need help and all you can think about is your home value? You treat them as if they are vagrants - pure and simple. Here's the proof:

Harriet Mills, a 37-year neighbor, led that first fight. She said she's fought so many zoning battles over the years to protect her neighborhood that she no longer feels guilty about opposing such a worthy cause. "I've been told that I'm a hater of children with cancer," Mills said. "It's not about that. This is an invasion into a very stable single-family neighborhood. Where does it stop?"

" protect her neighborhood...". You put property value over the lives of these children. Say, are these families throwing wild parties at night or leaving their broken-down boats in the yard? Are they selling drugs or other illicit services?

They're not and you know it. So much for your care of life, Ms. Thompson. If I'm wrong, prove it to me. I welcome the challenge.

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