Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gaza Strip Pullout

From CNS News...

From the little reading I've done on this issue, it seems to me that Israeli PM Ariel Sharon is making a big mistake. I clearly understand the neeed for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, but there's got to be a better way.

What I fear the most is that the land (the West Bank) will be used as a terrorist breeding ground. There's no way the Palestinians could peacefully operate a democracy. Not with the presence of Hamas and Hezbollah radicals. A Muslim democracy? Only God knows.

Let's pray for the safety of Israel, her people, the Israeli and Palestinian Christians.


misawa said...

I have mixed emotions on this, too. On one hand I understand that peace has to start someplace - might as well be the side that is seemingly capable. However, I feel for the Israelis that called this area home, dangerous as it was. Another concern - will this be enough? Will they turn there attention to another territory?

More graver than most of this is the fact that "Palestine" - I guess I should stop quoting that seeing as how they will now become an actual state - will now share a border with Egypt. Although Egypt has, in the past, elected not to shelter Palestinians during the Gaza conflict, there is a rather extreme group of radicals (Muslim Brotherhood) that could add to or umbrella Hamas/ Hezbollah.

Mark said...

I agree with you.

In time, the "Palestinians" will want more land. Israel must not concede any more land or they will repeat history all over again.

The Yom Kippur War of '73 comes to mind...

Anonymous said...

I really wish the US would not be involved with persuading Israel to give up land. I think the Israelies have been better to the Palestinians than any other country over there and I think the Israelies do not possess nearly all the land that was promised to them anyway.
I fear that this will only add to a bigger struggle over Jerusalem and make matters worse, not better.