Friday, August 05, 2005

Nazi Remark from Dr. James Dobson

“In response to our recent program, “A Closer Look at Stem Cell Research,” Dr. Dobson has received a backlash of harsh criticism regarding comments he made comparing embryonic stem cell research to the Nazis’ human experimentation during the Holocaust. Critics have labeled Dr. Dobson’s remarks “ignorant and insulting” and demanded an apology. Today, Dr. Dobson and bioethics analyst Carrie Gordon Earll set the record straight, demonstrating how Dr. Dobson’s words have been unfairly twisted in order to undermine his public credibility and promote the advance of embryonic stem cell research.”

I listened to the comments by Dr. Dobson, on FOF’s Wednesday broadcast, where he made the Nazi remark. His stance is strongly pro-life and severely against what is happening with the embryonic stem cell research. Here is another case of liberals making serious false accusations. They didn't listen to the broadcast! Some liberal heard the word, "Nazi", and went nuts.

Hey liberals! Tell me honestly: What's going to happen when the embryos run out? If you get your way, in time frozen embryos will be depleted. Will you force healthy women to give your researchers embryos? Are you then going to forcefully extract stem cells from healthy children? One leads to the other whether you realize it or not. That's what the Nazi's did: The ends justified the means. It is morally and ethically wrong!

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