Monday, August 22, 2005

Senator Hagel's Remarks

From CNN...Hagel: Iraq war has destabilized Mideast, resembles Vietnam

Not to take away from Senator Hagel's Vietnam experience, but his comments are way off.

1. How is Iraq destabilizing the Middle East? Does any educated person really believe the Middle East power players (Saudi Arabia et al) even care about Iraq? My guess is, "NO".
2. Even if our soldiers are there four more years, as long as they can control the fanatics from blowing everyone up, we should be fine. How long have we been in Korea now? Okinawa?
3. The casualty numbers don't even compare with Vietnam.
4. The Vietnam conflict, with a heavy United States presence, began in 1965. It lasted nine years. We went to Iraq a second time in 2003. It's only been two years!

In a day of fast food, fast banking, and fast internet, have we come to a point where our battles should only last a year? What a joke!

The real issue is Iraq's Constitution. If the Sunnis and Shiites get their way, only men will have freedom. Women and children could be in danger as witnessed in other countries that follow Sharia law. I don't believe they were better under Saddam. Clearly these religious fanatics must give freedom to ALL.

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