Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hate and Persecution in Kosovo

From CNS News...

Radical Muslims in Kosovo are burning Christian churches and seminaries while building mosques on top of them. Christians are also the target of snipers.

Christians live in peace and give the people of Kosovo hope. Yet the radical Muslims don't see it that way. They want us (Christians) dead, pure and simple. Even when we want to work things out, they still want us dead. This is evident by the church burnings and cross stompings.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is hate and it must be stopped. If is isn't, radical Muslims will continue their reign of terror.

Peterson and Djurovski both said many of the new mosques funded by Saudi and Iranian funds are currently empty, but reflect plans to indoctrinate residents with the radical Wahhabist form of Islam. The new mosques carry plaques acknowledging funding from Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, said Grieboski.

"This is a very grave threat," said Peterson. "With final status changing from Serbian Orthodox hegemony into at very best a gray line, the dividing line between the Christian and Islamic world moves closer to the European Union, and we're at great risk of tolerating what should not be tolerated in order to buy some peace in our time."

In the war against an expanding radical Islam, Peterson said, "We have three choices: convert, submit or die. But there's a fourth choice and that's to fight. "What is going on in Kosovo today is the future of Europe tomorrow," he added.

I could go into a long dissertation as to why we should use force against these radical fanatics, but I won't. Instead, please keep the people of Kosovo in your prayers. I don't foresee this situation getting any better.

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