Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Tragedy & Prayer

Occasionally, I read Neal Boortz’s, “Nealz Nuze”, for his rants on the liberals, conservatives, and folks without too much common sense. In this mornings Nuze however, Boortz writes on yesterday’s tragic accident that took the lives of seven children.

After reading it twice, I somehow get the feeling Boortz is pointing a finger at the parents of the teenage driver, 15 year-old Cynthia Mann, who did NOT cause the accident. In Florida, it is illegal for a 15 year-old to drive without an adult. Boortz believes that, if an adult were driving the vehicle, somehow they would still be alive. Either that, or he is sadly trying to figure out if the tragedy could have been prevented. Neal is not a mean spirited person, nor does he hate teenagers. Knowing Neal like I think I do, he is very sad for these people.

After reading the CNN article, I believe the only way this accident could have been prevented, is with the driver of the truck. There was nothing Ms. Mann could have done to prevent the accident. Why?

Imagine being stopped behind a school bus two car-lengths in distance. The speed limit is 60 miles per hour. Behind you comes a tractor-trailer truck, driving 60 mph, that doesn’t brake and barrels into you. Think of the force. Think of the reaction time. Now if you read the article, there were NO skid marks from the truck. None.

Whether the driver were 15 or 45, it would not have mattered.

Please pray for the Mann family. I have two boys and I cannot imagine life without them. Children are our gifts from God. Tell them often that you love them and never forget the joy they bring you.

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misawa said...

Boortz was having to backtrack a little. He was really on this yesterday when the initial reports indicated that it might have been the teenager's fault. I understand his argument that the 15 year old shouldn't have been driving in the first place - and therefore wouldn't have been in the accident - but her age and inexperience most definitely didn't cause that accident. The "no skid marks" thing kinda shows who did.