Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bowl Games

Update: Penn defeats FSU by 3 in 3 OT's. Go figure...
Oh, and one more thing, Donald Miller is pulling for Texas. Hook 'em Horns!

Three teams deserve huge recognition for their play and subsequent wins: 'Bama, the Wisconsin Badgers, and West Virginia.

Alabama 13 - Texas Tech 10
The Tide managed to hold a high-octane offense, in Texas Tech, and shut them down. Tide's kicker, Jamie Christensen kicked a "lame duck" field goal, with 5 seconds left in the game, to give Alabama a 13-10 win over Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. As big fans of the Croyle family and Big Oak Ranch, we couldn't be more happier for Brodie.

Wisconsin 24 - Auburn 10
Next, we move on to Wisconsin and Auburn in the Capital One Bowl. I'll be honest: I didn't give much hope to Wisconsin winning. Could they keep it close against a powerhouse like Auburn? Sure, but somehow with Wisconsin's history against SEC teams, I doubted they could pull off a win. With big contributions from both the offense, e. g. the running game, and defense, e. g. maintaining pressure on Auburn's quarterback and shutting down their passing, Wisconsin pulled off probably the biggest upset of this year's bowl games. A huge thank-you to Coach Alvarez who turned the Wisconsin football program, from a 1-10 team, into champions. May your new job as Athletic Director be prosperous.

West Virginia 38 - Georgia 35
Last, we have my second beloved team, the Georgia Bulldogs. I could go on and on about Georgia taking West Virginia lightly and their pride got the best of them. But, West Virginia proved they could've beaten any team last night. They played with heart and took down a mighty giant. To Georgia's credit, they never gave up. I'm sure Coach Richt will watch this game and make the necessary adjustments for next year.

My pick for the Orange and Rose Bowls: Penn State will run over Florida State and Southern Cal will rout Texas. I'm pulling for Texas, but USC is extremely powerful. Let's hope I'm wrong.


Joel Maners said...

Nice analysis. I gree with you on both predictions. Penn will destroy FSU. I think the Texas v. USC game won't be a rout, just a decisive win for USC.

Mark said...

So much for my prediction of Penn and FSU. And that's why I don't gamble.