Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006: A Fresh Start

This year I will accomplish several personal goals. As many of you are aware, this past year has been very difficult for me, mentally and spiritually. God has shown himself in several ways. He introduced me to many people who desire a deep relationship with Him. Many of these wonderful people are not ministers by profession; they just want to show the world Christ's love and grace. Yet those who are minsters, whom I met, they too long to live for Christ and be a lighthouse for the lost.

Here are my personal goals in no particular order:
1. Strengthen my relationship with God by being his servant through local ministry opportunities.
2. Learn true humbleness.
3. Pray openly.
4. Find a career that I love AND allows me more flexibility.
5. Strive for financial freedom.
6. Continue to build relationships with new people and strengthen the ones I have.
7. Write for quality, not quantity.
8. Photograph God's glory in nature and people.
9. Eat better and get outside more.
10. Love my wife and boys for today. We cannot control yesterday nor tomorrow.

God's blessing to you all and welcome to the new year.

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