Monday, January 09, 2006

Bill O'Reilly

From Wanting a piece of Bill O'Reilly

Challenging Bill O'Reilly to a verbal confrontation is gutsy. I've seen him take on Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. O'Reilly is an unabashed Conservative a la Sean Hannity. Maher, Stewart, Olbermann, and Letterman are clearly Liberals in every sense of the word.

The problem here is their divisiveness. When they try to talk to one another, it becomes insults rather than honest debate. Look at Letterman's punch: "I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap." Gee Mr. Letterman, you're a genius. Is that all you got? By the way, while I realize stores like Target or Walmart hang signs that say, "Happy Holidays" and don't take away Christmas, the public school system has, and that's a fact.

And what about Keith Olbermann? All this guy can do is name O'Reilly as the, "Worst Person in the World"? Yeah, now there's intelligence.

Why can't these guys have a real debate over current issues? While Liberals banter with emotions and claim they're for the "little guy", Conservatives have the facts in their hands and could care less what dolts like Olbermann and Letterman say. Both types of journalists really don't know regular every-day people and the issues we face. They couldn't tell you the last time they served in a soup kitchen or watched over homeless children. But they sure do believe they know what we're feeling!

Divisiveness will continue in this country if we don't learn to communicate well regarding our issues.


Joel Maners said...

Good comments. The problem is most people don't really want to communicate or make peace. Peacemaking is hard work. It's much easier just to misquote and slander you enemies and portray them as "extremists" or at least "out of the mainsream." That way you can frighten more of your constituents into sending in more money to fight off the heathen hordes who are at the doorstep of America trying to take over and destroy society as we know it.

Mark said...

Awesome comment. One person I failed to mention on the great side of journalism is Cal Thomas. He is by far my favorite. He has the facts, he listens to what others are saying, and gives an honest analysis / opinion.

I like Michelle Malkin too. I bet her husband goes ballistic when the Libs try and attack her!

Jeff said...

O'Reilly made Letterman look like a hack. I'm usually not a fan of Bill's show, but he really showed up Dave on Dave's own show.

Cornelius said...

When I saw Bill O'Reilly Debate Dave Letterman, I was in shock. I thought that Bill and Dave were going to literally duke it out right on the show. I would have to agree with this blog because Bill O'Reilly is definitely smart. He will make a liberal look stupid. You have to have a lot of heart to even think about debating O'Reilly.