Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hillary Clinton: Pain in the Mouth

From Clinton: Bush explanation on NSA program is "far-fetched"

Let's be honest: The Bush Administration is far from perfect. Republicans and Democrats can't seem to agree on anything except spending our money. Everyone in Congress is to blame.

This week, we have Senator Clinton weighing in on President Bush's use of wiretapping. Last week, she remarked that Congress was run like a, "plantation".

Now I don't know about you, but if I were contemplating the 2008 Presidency, I wouldn't be shooting off my mouth. Clinton's cronies, e.g. Howard Dean and John Kerry, do a fine enough job without her help. But alas, it is a free country right?

Again, here is a warning shot across the bow of the USS Democrat: Stop the garbage criticisms. We, the people, are tired of it. If you had any common sense, you would be on the front lines of helping people who are in need. You should focus on this country's greatness, and it's citizens, instead of consistently slamming the President.

Your mouth is killing your credibility.


Alan said...

I don't quite understand if you're trying to help Ms. Clinton, or damage her electability by calling her a big mouth.

It doesn't matter to me too much, I never really liked her. I was kind of wondering if I could quote something you said on my blog. It's called The California Conservative. I've got political and social news and comments there.

Anyway, let me know... or you can hop on my blog anytime and say "hi."

Mark said...

Hi Alan!

My attempt here is one, point out that Hillary's latest comments are pointless, especially in light of what her husband did. Two, hopefully inform those who support the Democratic party, to choose their presidential candidate wisely.

Besides that, please feel free to use a quote with appropriate credit.

Thank you for stopping by.

Gordon Cloud said...

I guess Hillary is conveniently forgetting some of the allegations that came to light in the Whitewater scandal.

Jeff said...