Monday, January 23, 2006

Super Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Seattle

Both Pittsburgh and Seattle proved to everyone they earned their spot in this year's Super Bowl. Pittsburgh went 3-0 versus the top 3 AFC seeded teams. Ben Roethlisberger was hot as the Steelers' defense held their ground. Seattle stayed on top and never relented against their opponents. Matt Hasselbeck was on fire and Shaun Alexander proved, without a doubt, why he is the top running back in the NFL.

My Super Bowl prediction: Seattle will win by 3. I don't expect a blowout by any means. Both teams' defenses are incredible. Seattle has veteran Wistrom and rookie Tatupu as Pittsburgh has Farrior and Polamalu. Tough...very tough. Regarding the QB's, Hasselbeck has a slight edge over Roethlisberger. Hasselbeck has been in the league for seven years compared to Roethlisberger's two. Of course, on the field of battle, that doesn't mean a thing.

As usual, turnovers and penalties will be the key to whomever wins.

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