Thursday, January 12, 2006

Quick Thoughts: Samuel Alito & The SBC

Samuel Alito's Wife Weeps During Hearings
During the Senate confirmation hearings yesterday, Samuel Alito's wife got up and left the floor in tears. From the news I've gathered, Alito just finished answering questions regarding race-relations. Upon her return a short time later, Senators Graham and Durbin apologized to her. Durbin remarked to reporters afterwards:

"Tell me when this wasn't dignified."

I'll let you be the judge whether the Senators were dignified in their questioning.

Wade Burleson Out as IMB Trustee
In other news, Wade Burleson, Oklahoma pastor and International Misson Board trustee, was asked to step down, apparently due to "slander". A month ago, trustees from the IMB voted to make tighter rules for becoming a missionary in their organization. The IMB is an organization, within the Southern Baptist Convention, that sends and supports missionaries outside the United States. In the research I've done from Burleson's own blog, Steve McCoy's and Marty Duren's blog, I would have to say something smells in the SBC and it isn't a dead fish.

A word of advice for some of you young SBC pastors: Be ever watchful of this kind of foolishness. If you're going to fight against the tide, you better fight in numbers. Don't believe me? It happened once before.

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misawa said...

Regarding the Alito hearings, I'll have to go along with what's being said on Tim's blog - they've turned in to a dog and pony/ smoke and mirrors type show for the press and haven't been "dignified" in recent memory. The fact that Alito is subjecting himself to this is downright courageous in my opinion.

Jeff said...

Gosh, Dick, I don't know, maybe it was when you painted Alito has a racist, sexist and elitist who pees in the corn flakes of poor people.

Gordon Cloud said...

Wade Burleson is not officially out as a trustee of the IMB. As I understand it, the board is going to bring a recommendation to the SBC in Greensboro, NC that he be dismissed. For that action to take place, a two-thirds majority vote will be needed. I'm not sure that is going to happen.