Thursday, January 19, 2006

First Lady Laura Bush

From the First Lady Assails Sen. Clinton for Remark

I have a lot of respect for Laura Bush. She stands her ground and believes in her husband. She doesn't attend functions or visit places just for show. She has a purpose:

The first lady headed home after reaffirming the U.S. commitment to help Nigeria treat AIDS patients and stem the spread of HIV. She said she hoped that "one day an entire generation" will be free of the disease that has ravaged Africa.

The first lady highlighted the $163 million in U.S. assistance that will receive in 2006 to fight AIDS.

"We are all hopeful that one day an entire generation will be born free of HIV," Mrs. Bush said in a speech to the National Center for Women's Development in the Nigerian capital.

The crowd applauded with Mrs. Bush talked about attending Monday's inauguration of Liberia's president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman president elected in Africa. She said Sirleaf is an example for women all over the world of what can be accomplished through hard work and a strong belief in education and democracy.

"The question we must answer now is 'how do we nurture the development of the next generation of women leaders in Africa and worldwide?'"' Mrs. Bush asked. "The answer begins with education."

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Joel Maners said...

Maybe it's just me but Laura has to be the sexiest First Lady we've ever had in this country. She's sharp, witty and she backs up her husband and covers his faults with grace. Most women feel like they have to take digs at their husbands to win a few points with an audience. Not Laura! What a woman. I hope my girls grow up to be like her.