Friday, September 30, 2005

Review: Switchfoot's, "the beautiful letdown"

Yeah...I know, it's been out for a long while. I hesitated to buy this album because I hadn't the time to research the band and their values. Yes, I will only purchase music from bands that have Christ-like values.

Switchfoot is not your normal CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) band. Their songs speak of living for today, grace, healing, and most importantly, love, all referencing a loving and boundless God.

A deeper look into this band and you'll find the equivalent of Donald Miller's, Blue Like Jazz. (More on BLJ in another post.) They are active in helping people with AIDS and support social justice. To learn more, go to

I highly recommend this album. My two sons are already listening to it and love it. My next CD purchase will be Third Day's new album, Wherever You Are. I'm betting it will be awesome.

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