Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Judge Roberts: Roe V. Wade

Personally speaking, if one of the many dolts on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked me my opinion of upholding Roe V. Wade or a woman's right to choose, I would say...

"No. I uphold any persons right to choose as long they choose to protect life."

Then after I gave this jaw dropping response, I would counter with this question:

"Does a life, no matter how small, deserve to live?"

And then I would take great pleasure in seeing the liberals blow their tops.


Anonymous said...

As a former Democrat, I cannot tell you how disgusted I am trying to watch this Roberts hearing. It is so very plain to see that abortion is sacred to Democrats and I get sick to my stomach watching them tear to pieces anyone that believes LIFE IS SACRED. I wish that since I can no longer vote Democrat, that the Republicans would all grow backbones and stand up for life. All politics does is show us that we Christians need to be salt and light and keep close to the True Savior.

Mark said...

I definitely agree with you!

We need to stand strong in our beliefs and reach out to those who need to see the wonderful face of Jesus.