Monday, September 26, 2005

A Different Direction

As some of you know me, I am NOT a hardcore Christian Conservative. My writings may say different, however those who truly know me, know that my heart is for the Christ of the Holy Bible, not the Christ of some man-made theology.

My writings will be going away from the political as I am embarking on a new adventure. Beginning in February, I will be digging deeper in Christian theology and, of course, my opinions on "The Church". I am of the belief that many Christians have become 'pew-warming' folks, and not of the serving kind. Notice that I did not say all Christians are this way. Therefore, this blog will begin focusing on ways we can serve as Christians and ways to interact with the culture.

Why the change?
A couple of things.
First, I'm noticing positive, Christ-like service in many churches. An example is Ecclesia Houston whom were reaching out to victims, of Hurricane Katrina, the Wednesday right after the storm hit. Here's their website: Ecclesia Houston (I love their website design!)
Second, from my own personal experience helping the victims, I am spiritually renewed and in want of serving. We should all love and desire to serve.

Please keep all those who need to see the face of Christ in prayer.

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