Saturday, September 10, 2005

MOVE ON, MoveOn!

From CNS Implies Bush at Fault for Levee Breaks

I first heard about this planned protest from Janet Parshall, of Janet Parshall's America radio show. Now CNS has the actual footage. The video is disturbing.

Blaming Bush, for the New Orleans levee breaks, is like blaming my city councilman for my dirty car. It just ain't gonna happen.

Now I know Bush isn't perfect, but he surely doesn't deserve this garbage.

If there's a point to be made here, it's the lack of disaster planning by the local, state, and federal governments.
1. FEMA's job is to play, "What if...", games and they didn't their job here.
2. Local city officials should've had the affected areas evacuated long before the hurricane hit.
3. Lastly, state officials should've had state resources pouring into the areas right after the hurricane hit. I saw reports from FoxNews that, for a fact, Louisiana did not. In fact, Louisiana officials prevented many resources from helping people. A lesson to be learned.

Again, let's stop the "blame game" and "race card" foolishness and help those in need.

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