Monday, September 19, 2005

What?!? $200 Billion?!?

Taking this from Tim Ellsworth's blog, I am astounded to see our government wants to spend $200 BILLION on rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

Now I know this comment may make some of you angry, but, to take $200 billion tax dollars to rebuild the Gulf Coast is foolish. Why? Here are my responses.

1. The Federal Reserve is already suffering from too much "pork" legislation. If you want the money so badly, get rid of the fat first.
2. Don't sock the taxpayers, the hard-working citizens, with this legislation.
3. Don't give me this, "The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer" crap either. Hurricane Katrina did NOT discriminate.
4. But what about all those who lost homes? Fine. Relocate them to higher ground. Building them a home, in an area that will eventually be flooded again, is dumb.

Who can benefit from all this mess? The first group that comes to mind is Habitat for Humanity. They can build sensible homes, provide reasonable financial guidelines, and develop community for many of these folks. All this without causing any more burden on the government's budget.

If we all start contributing to Habitat, whether financially or voluntarily, thousands of people can have a home in a better place.

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