Wednesday, September 07, 2005

UPDATE Nancy Pelosi: From the Mouths of Liberals

From CNS to sponsor White House protest featuring victims of hurricane Katrina. The protesters will demand to see President Bush and tell him that he didn't do enough to help the victims. Not that they don't have anything better else to do.

I'm sure Ms. Pelosi will also be there wagging her finger...

Nancy Pelosi shoots off her mouth toward Pres. Bush...
CNS News

Here we go again. Nancy Pelosi, who suffers from severe foot-in-mouth disease, has gone without her medication again. Instead of helping the situation by keeping a positive attitude and being a role model for service, she decides to attack Bush:

"Instead of unconscionably blaming others, President Bush must take charge and take responsibility, and must get it right, and that is my concern and the message that I will bring to the President: 'Mr. President, you should have taken charge and you should have taken responsibility.'

President Bush has a right to criticize FEMA and he's doing his best to mobilize aid to the gulf coast. But for Liberals, that's not enough.

So...shall we really look at the facts?

1. The levees in place have been inadequate for some time now (I believe in excess of thirty years). Don't blame the Federal government for not funding improved levees. The funding has been around for a very long time.
2. Last I looked, the local and state government should be the first to act in an emergency situation, not the Federal. The governor of Lousiana should have declared a state of emergency on Monday. No later.

That said, if you were watching the path of the hurricane, then you would know that Katrina was a class 5 as early as Thursday, August 25th, and heading straight for the gulf coast. What does this say?

There was time to prepare; there was time to evacuate.

But...what about the poor who couldn't?

Easy. There were plenty of school buses and public transportation buses available for evacuation. All the governor of Louisiana had to do was order a mandatory evacuation. The same goes for the mayor of New Orleans. He's just as responsible.

This was a bad example of being numb to the situation at hand, i.e. the oncoming hurricane. Or, better yet, it's the, "it won't ever happen to me", ideology.

Now we have the blame game. Dems are accusing Republicans of not doing their job and not doing enough to help the suffering. What a shame. If the Dems were smart, they would take their liberal groups down to the affected gulf areas, put them into service, and show the people of the United States that they care. Not just by shooting off their mouths.

Every time I see CNN or FoxNews, I see the Red Cross, the military (sic), and volunteers helping desperate people. I've even seen news footage of the Southern Baptist Convention's North American Mission Board volunteers feeding people. Do you see them complaining?

No. There will be time for criticism later. Now is the time for giving help.

Bob Williams writes a great article on 'the blame game'.
Opinion Journal

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