Monday, September 12, 2005


UPDATE: The Atlanta Falcons beat Philadelphia!

Praise God for football!

Now I like baseball, but I LOVE football. Football displays the phyiscal struggle to win. It's strategy and braun combined. BOOYAH!

Saturday and Sunday were blessings on many fronts:
1. The University of Georgia (my wife's team and mine by marriage) beat South Carolina and their old nemesis, Steve Spurrier.
2. Georgia Tech beat North Carolina.
3. My beloved Badgers of Wisconsin whipped Temple.
4. Did you see the LSU-ASU game? 4th and 10, with a minute left in the game, and LSU wins with a touchdown pass in the end zone! Incredible!
5. Let's not forget Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish clobbered the Michigan Wolverines.
6. The New Orleans Saints won! I'm not a Saints fan, but I'm glad LSU and the Saints won with Katrina behind them.

Isn't it great to be a football fan? You betcha!

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