Monday, October 03, 2005

Supreme Court Nominee, Who?

And just who is this woman? She's Harriet Miers, close friend and member of George Bush's inner circle. She is an attorney by education and trade. However, she has no judicial experience. She is opposite that of John Roberts in qualifications. Where he has a judicial track record, she has none. She's the equivalent of an Etch A Sketch.

Here's my take: I truly believe George and Laura Bush chose Harriet Miers for her values and trustworthiness over her qualifications. In a soceity where everyone wants and demands tangible proof of experience, Ms. Miers is in deep trouble. The Senate Judiciary Committee will either go easy on her or she'll get eaten alive; eaten alive by the Republicans.


Tim Ellsworth said...

So, given what we've heard over the past couple of days, do you think she'll get confirmed?

Mark said...

Heh, I've been keeping up with this one on your blog.

Yes, I believe she will along with the usual garbage talk from the Dems.

The Dems don't have the show of force in the Senate not to confirm her.