Thursday, October 20, 2005

Typical Political Garbage

From CNN...'Cheeseburger bill' puts bite on lawsuits

If you were to look at the issue of frivolous lawsuits altogether, then Congress and the Senate should do their best to prevent them.


'Cause it seems Americans today don't have common sense anymore. Take for instance this so-called, 'Cheeseburger bill'. Really, if you believe that you can't get fat, while eating large amounts of any fast food with no exercise, then you need to see a psychologist immediately.

Is this bill a necessity? No, but therein lies the point. Many, if not most, Americans have become gluttons to the idol of the fast food joint. Americans blame the fast food joint for their fat, unhealthy bodies instead of themselves. Just look at this quote from Rep. Bob Filner - D. California:

"Congress has allowed the need of big corporations before the need of our children,"

Are we not accountable and responsible for what we put in our mouths? We shouldn't blame ourselves for clogging our own arteries?


And please don't give me this, "But what about the poor who can't afford a better meal?" Last I looked, it is still cheaper to cook a decent meal, for a family of four, than serve them fast food garbage. Take the time to become a smart shopper.

Parents please take my advice: It's never too late to begin teaching your children healthy eating habits. Start now before their health is jeopardized.

P.S. This isn't a Democrat/Republican or liberal/conservative issue. This is an issue of common sense and putting the blame on ourselves, not big corporations or politicians. They don't have to raise our children. We do.

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