Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We're Skeptics

While having dinner with my best friend from high school, I noticed the amount of skepticism coming from our mouths. We were skeptical on:

* Society
* Politics
* Foreigners
* Education
* Government
* Coffee
* Christianity


Because we’ve allowed ourselves to become this way. Even as Christians, we’ve become skeptical of each other. For instance, put a liberal and conservative Christian in the same room and skepticism will abound. Trust is thrown out the window. It’s even more evident on Internet blogs. Look at the interaction between liberal and conservative Christians. Instead of thoughtful and provocative dialogue, you get angry diatribe.

Have you walked into a different church lately? Sure, many of them have greeting teams or ushers who welcome you. But, we’re skeptical of them. We wonder if these folks are authentic believers or putting on a nice performance. Worse, you join a particular church and find out later they’re not authentic. More skepticism.

At probably no other time in history has it become increasingly difficult to build relationships among Christians. We’ve turned to email and instant messaging to build relationships, rather than heart-to-heart conversations over the phone or in person. We’re too worried about the minutes on our cell phones instead of our relationships. We’ve lost the art of friendships.

I once heard Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church, say that he already has enough friends and doesn’t want any more. Instead, he suggested “small groups” as a way to make friends. Wow! Now there’s an idea. Can I get a refill on my cup of “skepticism” please?

How do we stop being so skeptical of one another? Be merciful and offer grace. Sure, we can’t have a million close friends and we may not necessarily agree with each other, but we can show God’s mercy and grace as He did for us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

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fatherneo said...

We spar but we respect each other in Fr. Neo's neighborhood.