Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chicago White Sox Win World Series

I was raised a White Sox fan from my younger days.

I remember Chet Lemon and Harold Baines. We all went to see them. They gave us brief moments of excitement. And what about Harry Caray? The seventh inning stretch was a celebration. I remember Ozzie Guillen, Joey Cora, and Tim 'Rock' Raines playing their hearts out. We had high hopes for them as players.

Now all that's changed.

The White Sox are world champions thanks to Guillen, Cora, Raines (sans 'Rock'), and Baines who are the coaches responsible for keeping this team together. Yes, I said "coaches". This is the ultimate way of taking a once lackluster team and making them champions. They created a bond so strong that no adversary could break.

Our hopes have been resurrected not by the players of the past, but of the coaches of the future. Cheers to you, the coaches, players, staff, and loyal fans of the Chicago White Sox. May this memory linger forever.

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