Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Third Day: All Access Tour

If you're a big fan of the Christian rock band, Third Day, then this tour is for you. However, there is a catch: You can only win tickets to these small-venue shows. I had the great honor of winning tickets to last night's kickoff tour, here in Atlanta, Georgia, at Earthlink Live.

Sparing a long post for now, my oldest son and I attended the event. It was first come, first get for the seats. My son, who is 8, ran like the wind to get seats on the front row. We were only about 3 or 4 feat away from the band.

Third Day played the first hour (?) for a live radio and Internet simulcast. What this basically means is that the crowd and band are instructed per radio time, i.e. when to cheer and when the band was to play.

The highlight of the concert (for me) came on their second song, "Come Together", when Mac Powell waved to my son. I was beaming while my son was in shock. Of course the concert as a whole was awesome!

After the performance, Third Day was very generous to stay around, sign autographs, and talk to us. I felt bad because I know they wanted to get home to their families. My son and I met and spoke with them.

Mac, David, Tai, Brad, and Mark are the nicest, most humble guys you would ever meet. We've met them twice now (I've even met David a couple of times), and they are always willing to talk and, most importantly, praise God. If I'm sounding mushy, it's because all this is true.

I'll post a more detailed evening event later with pictures.
Be at peace!


Jeff said...

Don't you love it when the Atlanta Journal-Constipation reviews their albums, and always have to preface it, "You know, for a Christian band, they rock."

Mark said...

Comrade, our socialist newspaper is worth the kitty litter liner it's printed on.

My wife had enough of the AJC and stopped it. Besides, we get better information from Tim's site.

Yours, on the other hand, keep me rolling...

Jeff said...

Thanks, Mark.

I figure I'll put up with the AJC if only for the comics, the Sudoku and the sports page. Reading the editorial page and the vent is a practice in careful reading.

Mark said...

Yeah, my wife figures out those Sudoku things. I just can't get into that 'analytical' stuff. Just give me the comics and I'm happy.