Thursday, November 10, 2005

Movie Review

Good Night, and Good Luck

Despite my moderate-Conservative self, I am giving big kudos to George Clooney, director and actor, in this tale of Edward R. Murrow and Joseph McCarthy. Clooney managed to tell a story by staying away from the vile nature of rated R or PG13 films. Let's hope other actors will follow his lead.

Personally speaking, I am a big fan of Murrow. He set the stage for factual journalism. He strongly believed in the truth; not news entertainment which runs rampant today. Murrow never mixed words nor used flowery language.

If you want more information on the life of Edward R. Murrow, go here to Wikipedia.

Good night, and good luck.


Anonymous said...

Man I wish I had a transcript of the speach that began the movie and ended it. It was really very good!


Mark said...


Thank you for stopping by.

I plan on seeing the show next week. I'll see if I can't track down that info.

Grace to you,


Jeff said...

I don't get why Clooney thinks he's making Murrow out to be some media rebel. CBS was hardly out in front of the anti-McCarthy press. The New York Times, Washington Post and more were already slamming the Senator well before Murrow got into the act.

So yeah, I'm a little concerned about revisionist history at the hands of liberal Hollywood, especially George Clooney.