Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quick & Deliberate Thoughts

Yes, I'm not blogging like I used to. I began a new career as a contractor doing web site design and development. I'm extremely busy, which is a good thing. I still have dreams of owning a large parcel of land in the mountains, near a river or stream, and making it a children's home. But until then, off to work I go.

1. Ports & the UAB: Bad communications by President Bush and even worse rhetoric by the Liberals. Heck, Bill Clinton's been doing business with the UAB for years. Is this cause for concern? Yes, but China's been running two ports on both sides of our country for years as well. Maybe this trade thingy is getting a little out of hand...
2. Civil war in Iraq: Bound to happen with multiple-Muslim extremist groups wanting control of the country. They'll blow themselves up before peace will take place. I predict by the time we evacuate, the country will be torn apart and a nearby country will invade.
3. Iran: Remember what Reagan did to Libya? If the United Nations won't take a firm stand against them, I believe a nice, precise, military strike is in order: No more, no less. Besides, if Iran's President keeps shooting off his mouth, his residence will receive the same treatment.


Kevin Bussey said...

Glad you got work.

Mark said...

My wife is too!

I'll still be around if you need me. :-)

Jeff said...

I don't think Iraq will end up in Civil War; what I do think is a possibility is ending the way the country was unified willy nilly by Britain, and maybe the sections can split into separate nations like former Yugoslavia. The Kurds already pretty much run their own country out of the north anyway.

Joel Maners said...

Glad that you are working. God bless with the new venture.

Mark said...


Thank you.

BTW, I've tried leaving a few comments on your blog and they're not appearing. Is everything okay?
Take care!