Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Patriot Guard Riders

CNN.com: Bikers roll to military funerals to oppose anti-gay protests

Fred Phelps, fundamentalist minister, and his believers are protesting military funerals due to - get this - homosexuality in the United States.

"Phelps believes American deaths in Iraq are divine punishment for a country that he says harbors homosexuals. His protesters carry signs thanking God for so-called IEDs -- explosives that are a major killer of soldiers in Iraq."

Phelps, and his 'clan', don't understand the words "grace" and "forgiveness". All they do is show hatred and give Christians a bad name.

Praise to the Patriot Guard Riders who show the true spirit of our country and the respect they give to our soldiers fighting for freedom.


Kevin Bussey said...

Don't even get me started with Phelps! Uggh!

Jeff said...

I've been ticked off by the Code Pink feminazi brigade protesting the war outside the military hospital in Washington, but I have to admit, this Phelps guy is even worse. What a disgrace.