Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl XL: Steelers win 21-10

By all means, the Steelers did not dominate the Super Bowl. Nor were they too tough for the Seahawks. The Steelers played hard and had the big plays when necessary; namely the biggest one between Antwaan Randle El and Hines Ward. Ward deserved every bit the MVP award.

Seattle was never in sync. Their receivers couldn't handle the ball and never gave Hasselbeck the chance to throw deep. Their play calling was also very poor.

Overall, I am very happy for Jerome Bettis and Coach Cowher. Bettis, who announced his retirement on national television, can rest easy knowing he went out on top.

Side Notes:
Roethlisberger's 1-yard touchdown run didn't happen. You can argue all you want, but the ball NEVER crossed the goal line.

Hasselbeck's post interception clipping penalty was another bad call. He clearly went for the tackle.

And what ever happened to the post game sportsmanship between the two coaches? I don't know about you, but I didn't see Mike Holmgren shaking Bill Cowher's hand in congratulations. Was it poor camera work or sportsmanship? Any information would be helpful.


misawa said...

Regarding Holmgren not meeting Cowher at the middle of the field, I think that was TV. I don't really know Holmgren that well, but it would surprise me if it was sour grapes.

And I agree with you on Ben's "phantom" touchdown run, somewhat. The problem is the ruling on the field was a TD - therefore conclusive evidence was needed to overturn it. The ball was mostly shielded from view by his forearm, which looked like it got over the white line, but it was inconclusive. I can only hope the line judge had a better view, b/c he was the only one to signal TD.

The clipping penalty and the holding call just a few plays earlier were both bad calls, but you're right - Pittsburgh made the big plays when it counted, Seattle didn't. I guess they're crying in their coffee this morning.

Anonymous said...

The main camera angle showed some question as to whether the ball crossed the line. But the shot that showed Ben's knee touching the ground clearly showed the ball over the goal line. I also wondered about the coach's handshake. I think ABC was responsible for that not happening due to the trophy presentation. Cowher was certainly looking.

Kevin Bussey said...

I didn't think Big Ben got in but under the rules it was hard to over-turn. I was pulling for Shaun Alexander but Troy P is a believer so its cool.