Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Common Sense Thoughts

Quick little thoughts with tiny chunks of common sense:

1. State of the Union speech: Was there really anything out of the ordinary here? We're still battling terrorism; still battling gas and oil prices; and still battling the economy. Go figure.

2. Samuel Alito's confirmation: One now has to wonder about the minds of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Kennedy, Feingold, and the California Dems. What are you thinking?!? You call for a filibuster, knowing it would fail, then you vote against Alito on pure speculation that he alone is going to overturn Roe v. Wade. Is that what we American's really fear?

3. To impeach or not to impeach the President: From Left's Chorus Grows for Bush Impeachment
Notice what Representative Maxine Waters, D-CA, says:
"If a president's untruthfulness about sexual relationships is an impeachable offense, then surely spying on American citizens, undermining the Constitution and contravening current standing law are impeachable offenses," Waters said comparing Bush's alleged crimes to ones former President Clinton was tried for.

Well Ms. Waters, if you want to compare presidents we can do that, but, you'll lose. You see, the White House belongs to the people of these United States. And last I looked, President Bush did not commit an immoral act in the White House. He used the wiretapping for our safety; for our protection against foreign invaders. The murderers of 9/11 were on OUR soil and living in this country for some time. If the wiretapping saves our lives, then so be it. Besides Rep. Waters, what do you have to fear?


Gordon Cloud said...

The liberals are desperate in their attempt to find ammunition to use against George Bush, who they view as the face of the Republican party. As the election draws nearer, we can look for their desperation and vitriol to be escalated. I feel that it will only work to their detriment, however. I think the majority of American people are weary of their constant bickering and whining.

Anonymous said...

So breaking the law is not an immoral act?

Howie Luvzus

Mark said...


I'm so glad I've stirred someone's ire. :-)

By all means, if he did break the law, then impeachment is the only discourse. However, I believe Bush didn't break the law (in this particular case) for reasons of a national crisis.

If I were in his position (9/11), knowing terrorists could still be in this country, would I do the same? Yes, if it meant preventing an attack.

The argument then could stem into the arena of, "Do the ends justify the means?"

I believe it's our nature to do whatever it takes to save lives.

You were there with Hurricane Katrina. Would you have stolen food and water from stores to help people in need knowing you were breaking the law?

I would have.

P.S. I voted for Clinton twice and was very disappointed in him during the whole Lewinsky ordeal.

P.S.2 I will be watching very carefully the Dems who choose their presidential candidate. If they can stay away from a liberal candidate, they may win.

Joel Maners said...

Good points.

Clinton lied to a grand jury while serving as the Commander in Chief. Last I read, the POTUS is in charge of enforcing the laws , not breaking them.