Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Katrina Report

This from Neal Boortz: Nealz Nuze dated 02/15/2006

According to the report, Governor Kathleen Blanco and Mayor Ray Nagin waited until too late to evacuate the city. They had warnings 56 hours before landfall of what might happen, yet chose to wait until 19 hours before the hurricane hit to tell everybody to get out. So who deserves most of the blame?Blanco and Nagin.


First of all, because disaster response has traditionally been a state, not a federal matter. In 2004 there were about four hurricanes that hit Florida. Florida responded. That is as it should have been in Louisiana. Question: Did the failure to move trailers into the area immediately cause deaths? No. Did the failure to get food and supplies into the survivors within hours cause deaths? There's no evidence of that. The deaths were caused because people didn't get out. That's a local issue, not a federal one. Had the governor and mayor ordered the evacuation much earlier, many more people would have lived. Did anyone die because it took supplies longer to get there than it should have? Maybe a few. But nothing like the more than 1,300 people who are dead...mostly because they didn't leave the city.The media and the Democrats will push the lie that it was George Bush's fault that all those people died...but make no mistake, The lion's share of the blame rests on local politicians. That would be Blanco and Nagin.

Pointing the finger doesn't solve the problem. Sure, everyone's to blame. The real issue is what Ray Nagin, Kathleen Blanco, the politicians of Louisiana, and the Federal Government are going to do when a Category 5 or higher hurricane hits New Orleans again. Yes, again.

I've got a very bad feeling about all of this.


Gordon Cloud said...

You are exactly right with this. It is amazing how we fail to learn from the past. I personally have very little confidence that we are better prepared to face another disaster of Katrina-like proportions.

Kevin Bussey said...

The sad thing is it is hard to be prepared. We evacuated for Katrina and Ivan and our area got slammed. But we evacuated for Dennis and it was a thunder storm. Lots of people didn't want to leave again during Katrina because they left for Dennis and nothing happend. It gets expensive to leave town (gas, motel, etc.)