Sunday, February 19, 2006

Movie Plug: The Second Chance

I caught this from

The Second Chance starring Michael W. Smith and Jeff Obafemi Carr

I saw the two minute trailer with my wife and we were both in tears.

My question is: How many of you deep-hearted Christians, lay leaders, and ministers are going to see this movie and be moved by it? I don't just mean moved to tears...oh no. I mean MOVED by it! Moved by the Spirit to do something instead of wagging a finger or shaking your bobble-head.

Want to make an impact? Get your hands dirty and show Christ's love in the community.

It is so easy to become a member of country-club church. Just put some money in the basket, say a prayer, and all will be well. Heck, most of you have been living like that most of your God given lives. You belive someone else should be the servant; someone else can be the missionary.

Our culture is still a suit wearin', drive the best car, stock market, consumer driven culture. It's been that way now for over 50 years! Nothing's really changed. IPOD's? They were first the portable tape players back in the early 80's. Everyone had to have one. They came large or small; with or without radios; different headphones for different ears. You name it, everyone had to have one.

Get over it.

While many of you are contemplating overseas missions, contemplate this: As I am writing this, there are children in the United States who are going to bed hungry. There are the homeless. There are the poor. There are the foresaken. These are GOD's people.

You get the picture.

Watch the movie.
Get dirty.
Show Christ's love.

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Kevin Bussey said...

I didn't know about it Mark. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!