Friday, March 03, 2006

Intimidation vs. Free Speech

From Suspended Colorado Teacher Won’t File Lawsuit,2933,186708,00.html

Here we go again. Another Liberal-wannabe makes remarks comparing Bush to Hitler. This is getting too old.

Jay Bennish, so-called social studies and American history teacher, at Overland High School, went on another one of his personal tirades against President Bush.

Now this wouldn’t be so bad if the guy was just spewing his opinions like everyone else. But no, he intimidates students who oppose him. According to 16-year old Sean Allen, who reported Bennish’s remarks:

"Overall, he was a pretty intimidating teacher to confront, just with his body language and the things he said and how he said them," he said.

Intimidation crosses the line.

The school board should fire Bennish immediately for his acts of intimidation, not his mouth.
If I were Sean Allen’s father, I would warn Bennish that if he ever intimidated my son again, he’d really know what intimidation meant.

Then again, maybe home schooling is the better answer.

P.S. When I was in high school, from the early to mid-80’s, we NEVER protested against the school when an unjust act occurred. If we did, our parents would kick our butts. Of course no one disciplines their children anymore, do they?

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Jeff said...

When I was at my public school back in Memphis, during I think my freshman year ('90) a few students were suspended, who happened to be black, for fighting. Some race warlord tried to make it racial and had people protesting out front, but I don't think anyone paid attention.