Friday, March 24, 2006

Our Wonderful Government At Work

From the AJC: State shuts fried-pie kitchen

I understand we have laws to protect people from harmful products, e.g. food and beverages. But sometimes our government goes a little too far.

Here's a woman who has been making fried pies for years and has never had a problem. She makes $100 a week to support her husband's heart medication. I believe she also thoroughly enjoys her craft.

The state of Georgia's Department of Agriculture has asked Ms. Watts to cease her operation citing health concerns. Namely, Ms. Watts would need to purchase the necessary licenses, commercial location, and pay taxes on her sales.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a load of bull poop at its finest. Ms. Watts isn't competing with some big-name baking giant, but that's what the state of Georgia wants her to be.

Ms. Watts is relying on her skills to buy medicine. She is not relying on government for hand-outs nor big insurance companies who take advantage of you.

She is doing the right thing.
We should learn a deep lesson from Ms. Watts:

When the Lord gives you a gift, use it.


Jeff said...

First they came for the fried-pies, next they come for the boiled peanut stands. Shame.

Mark said... does tend to make you wonder.

And how about all those vegatable stands? Are they regulated by the state?

Oh, and let's not forget the lemonade stands and Girl Scouts.

Justice must be done!