Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kirk Franklin: Speakin' the Truth

From CNN: Kirk Franklin..

I am not a fan of Kirk Franklin's music. However, after reading this article, I will begin to take more notice of him. He's raw and unashamed of who he is.

More Christian artists need to relay the message of having a relational faith with Christ, instead of a "Sunday-only" one.


Jeff said...

"It's the whole thing about sex and booties and cars, and at some point we have to realize that there's going to be aftereffects of that."

Well, dang, my weekend is shot.

Tigerkiss said...

kirk franklin is a very inspirational person.

Mark said...

Which CD of Kirk's do you recommend?

My sons like TobyMac and GRITS. So, I just may have to pick up a Kirk Franklin CD...