Friday, March 24, 2006

Muslim Clerics: Christian Must Die

From CNN: Top Muslim clerics: Convert must die

As I struggle with trying to find grace in this situation, anger raises its ugly head. My first thought is that this could be a great way to teach the world how ugly Muslim extremists can be and how Christians are martyred everyday for their beliefs. I mean, just to believe in Christ, and then to be put to death merely for your beliefs. Unbelievable in 2006.

Then the anger hits. I want to yell at these extremists and fight them. "You want a holy war? Well, now you got one. We Christians are tired of your lies and hatred. But this time the outcome will be different. This time there will be no truce. This time we will bury you."

But alas, this is not what Christ would want. He warns us in the Gospels of persecution in His name and wars to come. A holy war wouldn't solve the overall issue: salvation and redemption.

So take heart. Pray for the missionaries and brave peoples who boldly proclaim the name of Jesus Christ amidst deadly extremists. Have everlasting hope that one day we will live in peace.

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GOP Christian said...

Saint Michael rebuke you, holy war is exactly what Christ wants. It's time for you to read the New Testament again, especially the second half of the gospels and most of the Book of the Revelation.

If I wasn't planning for Muslims to conquer Europe I would want to give the some parts of the Arabid world a short but thorough look at what we built during the cold war.