Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When Diabetes Just Works Out

Imagine a possible worse case scenario:
You are a type 1 diabetic, who wears an insulin pump, and who is on a mission trip deep in the mountains of Tennessee. Halfway there, your spidey senses tingle that you forgot something; something important. Instead of worrying about it, you continue onward believing all will be well.

Next, you realize that you need to change out your pump (or pod since I wear the OmniPod) beginning on the second day of the trip. You gather all your supplies and go through the motions, when you realize what you forgot - a new bottle of insulin.

Okay, rule number one: don't panic. I had 110 units left in my old bottle, but I usually fill a pod with 150 units for three days. Thankfully, I had a number of things going for me which made this worse case scenario not so bad.

Thankfully this mission trip involved A LOT of outdoor, physical activity. Next, I tend to eat much less when I'm hot and sweaty. So with pump in hand, I maintained a temporary basal for much of the time on the trip and ate very little carbs. Lo and behold, when we got home late Sunday evening, I was down to 40 units and averaging a 130 bg. Not too shabby. (Just a FYI, I managed to burn 10,000+ calories on each working day.)

And what would I have done if the situation were much worse? Easy. The nearest pharmacy was 10 miles away, so there was no reason to panic. However, even for me it was a reminder that we can never be overly prepared for a trip; for nothing beats a good backup.

Stay adventurous!


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Scott K. Johnson said...

Whew! Glad that forgetting your insulin (!!) didn't cause you any real trouble. :-)