Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Little Jealousy

Sometimes I get a little sour of fellow diseases and/or chronic illnesses. For example, while watching the TV last week I saw a public service announcement (PSA) for autism. In the PSA, it mentioned that autism was diagnosed more in children than diabetes.

I'm sure the autism folks weren't specifically picking on diabetes as I believe other chronic illnesses were mentioned. However, I still get a little angry when such a comparison is made.

Of course I also feel a slight (note: very slight) contempt at those who celebrate their defeat of cancer. I love those who do indeed fight off cancer. My wife and I have a very dear friend who went through a year of tests, chemo, more tests and more chemo to successfully beat cancer. Believe me, I am very grateful that she won her battle. And while I understand that many die from cancer, it doesn't lessen those of us who fight diabetes every day and cannot break free from it. (By the way, diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States; fifth if you just look at diseases.)

Now, not to get anyone in a sour mood but, it puts diabetes in perspective compared to other diseases. And, of course, explains why I sometimes get a little miffed when unjust comparisons are made. Okay, I'll get off my horse now. :)

Fight on!


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badpancreas said...

I totally get this. At work yesterday, we had a health insurance meeting, and a girl I work with turned to me to complain about the cost of her allergy medicine.

It was all I could do not to shake her.

I let it go, though; didn't want to get caught up in a "My disease is worse than yours" battle -- although sometimes it's tempting.