Friday, June 04, 2010


It's Friday! One word that is particularly coming to mind today: FREEDOM! Ah yes...

So far, we here in Atlanta, Georgia are having a somewhat mild and wet summer. Not that I'm complaining, but after winter I was looking forward to sunny and 90 degree temps. The summer actually began sunny and I started to work on a great tan. But alas, my tan decided to leave me and I've returned to my pasty self. Ugh!

My diabetes also loves summer time. I love being outdoors; hiking, biking, fishing, walking, throwing the frisbee, etc. My blood sugars enjoy the 48 hours of stability.

So, for all you 'd's out there, get active this summer and enjoy the 'fruits' that come with it. (Couldn't help the puns there.)

Have fun!



Cherise said...


It is good to see you blogging again. I love the summer too! I have to figure out when to walk because it is very humid here.

Tim said...

Here in Scotland we get two seasons, winter and June.

June is like winter, but wetter.