Sunday, March 15, 2009

OmniPod Status

Just learned that everyone is now communicating and I've been pre-approved for the OmniPod. Yea! More to come...
In the past, diabetics had to constantly fight for their care, e.g. battle insurance companies for coverage, battle doctors for more supplies, battle both to play nicely with each other. In many cases, this similar activity goes on today.

My parents had to fight for insurance coverage for me. And God help me if my diabetes prescriptions ever changed. Personally, I have fought insurance companies and some doctors for increased blood glucose strips, long before the DCCT [Diabtes Control and Complications Trial] was ever published.

In 1999, I successfully fought for an insulin pump. And yet throughout the years, I've learned to communicate very well between different parties. Right now, I'm communicating between three parties: my doctor, my insurance company, and the Insulet Corporation--makers of the OmniPod.

The great news is, the insurance company and Insulet are getting along very well. Strange news is, my doctor's office and Insulet are miscommunicating. I find this strange due to how strongly my doctor wants me on a pump, but the office just can't get things right with the pump maker. Go figure, right?

Guess who now has to steer the ship? Yeah, another day in our lives as diabetics. However, the fight goes on...

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